Jonathan Mead: How to Uncage a Human (Part One)

Guys... Today is special.

Today's guest is a dear friend of mine: Jonathan Mead of Uncaged Human.

Jonathan is a primal movement enthusiast and educator in Portland, Oregon. He and I are close friends and accountability partners.

Today's episode is special because it not only has one of my favorite movement coaches online today (Jonathan), but it also shares some of our philosophy on how and why we do what we do.

I really hope this opens some eyes and ears and allows for both Jonathan and I to connect with you on a deeper, more intimate level.

I had a really fun time recording this episode with Jonathan and I think it translated pretty well into today's show.

This is part one (of two) of How to Uncage a Human.

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James Broderick
Dr. Terry Wahls: How to Beat Progressive MS Using Paleo Principles and Functional Medicine

Did you know that approximately 50 million Americans, 20 percent of the population or one in five people, suffer from autoimmune diseases?  And women are more likely than men to be affected; some estimates say that 75 percent of those affected–some 30 million people–are women.

That's why on today's episode I have a special guest, Dr. Terry Wahls, author of the popular book The Wahls Protocol: How I Beat Progressive MS Using Paleo Principles and Functional Medicine. 

She and I delve into her early childhood and the health issues that led to Terry's progressive illness, along with Terry's big "ah-ha!" moment that led to her creating the Wahls Protocol.

There is just so much in this episode, I hope you have pen and paper ready.

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James Broderick
Alan Bergo: Chasing A Mushroom High, Sustainable Ramp Harvesting, and Why You Need to Grow Weeds in Your Garden

What are the "rampy-ramps" and why are they so coveted among foodies and chefs? 

Alan Bergo and I join forces on today's episode to discuss the obsession over wild leeks, mid-western matsutakes, and edible weeds. 

We also talk about how Alan grew up in Minnesota, how Alan's style of mushroom picking has evolved over the years, and how Alan jokingly says he's been supporting his local Amish children since 2013.

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James Broderick
Denby Royal: The True Cost of Fast Fashion, Our Biological Need for Adornment, and the Hippy-Eco-Paradigm

It might shock you to know that the clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world... second only to oil.

On today’s podcast, Denby Royal—holistic nutrition and eco-fashion consultant—joins me on another fascinating episode of Ancestral Health Radio.

Denby and I discuss why westerners commonly fail to think about their clothing's environmental and social impact on the rest of the planet, the physical and psychological pitfalls the fashion industry has on our health, followed by simple, inexpensive tips on how to make more conscious decisions when thinking about your wardrobe. [cont.]

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James Broderick
Tao Orion: Beyond the War of Invasive Species, Resilient Permaculture Design, and Transition Homesteading

What is ecosystem restoration and what are some common challenges of living off-the-grid?

Tao Orion—author, teacher, and mother—shares her experience with us on today's episode of Ancestral Health Radio.

This was a fun chat, for sure. Because some day in the near future I'd like to purchase land and start a family myself.

We discuss the need for a more holistic approach to land restoration, the medicinal properties of certain invasive plant species, and what tending the wild versus plow-based agriculture looks like. [cont.]

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James Broderick