Denby Royal: The True Cost of Fast Fashion, Our Biological Need for Adornment, and the Hippy-Eco-Paradigm

It might shock you to know that the clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world... second only to oil.

On today’s podcast, Denby Royal—holistic nutrition and eco-fashion consultant—joins me on another fascinating episode of Ancestral Health Radio.

Denby and I discuss why westerners commonly fail to think about their clothing's environmental and social impact on the rest of the planet, the physical and psychological pitfalls the fashion industry has on our health, followed by simple, inexpensive tips on how to make more conscious decisions when thinking about your wardrobe.

Other fun things you'll learn in today's episode are...

  • How clothing affects our bodies and its many systems,
  • The true cost of fast fashion,
  • Denby's suggestions for buying less but buying better, and...
  • Much, much more.

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Episode Breakdown

  • What is eco-fashion?

  • How does clothing affect our bodies and its many different systems?

  • What is sedentary clothing?

  • The dysfunctional clothing women are told they need to wear and the ill-effects these restrictive garments have on their bodies

  • Underwire bras and the lymphatic system

  • The True Cost Documentary

  • Denby breaks down what fast fashion is and the truth behind the industry’s 52 seasons of clothing

  • Denby talks about auto-cravings and how they feed our instinctual need for consumption

  • How much of America’s donated clothing is actually being sold?

  • How many tons of America’s textile waste get shipped to third world countries?

  • Denby speaks against the social injustice of one of the most—if not the most—labor dependent industries in the world

  • The Rana Plaza disaster

  • Denby and I discuss the heartbreaking disconnect from the people who make the everyday goods we use

  • Buying less but buying better

  • Denby talks about our biological need for adornment

  • Monsanto’s monopoly over genetically modified cotton seeds

  • The staggering suicide statistic of Punjab farmers

  • Obama’s wardrobe classics

  • Denby suggests being selective about the clothing you donate or sell to consignment stores

  • Why Denby says a quality shirt shouldn’t be priced below $70

  • Tips on how to get off-season sales on some of your favorite eco-friendly brands

  • Problems with synthetic textiles and our oceans

  • The benefits of natural merino wool, hemp, and bamboo fibers

  • What is the hippy-eco-paradigm?

  • Denby’s eco-friendly brand recommendations for building a sustainable wardrobe

  • How to contact Denby in regards holistic fashion consulting and a basic rundown of what she provides as far as services

  • The regional fashion in Italy

  • How to ask yourself if your next purchase is replacing a negative

  • Why you should feel comfortable asking brands what’s going on in their production line

  • Why you should expand what your definition of local is

Questions I Ask

  1. “How do you define eco-fashion?”

  2. “Can you tell us a little bit about what fast fashion is?”

  3. “What are the social effects of fast fashion?”

  4. “What is fair trade, exactly?”

  5. “What are some of the things we can do to make some conscious decisions about our wardrobe?”

  6. “Are there any other ways you would suggest people go about paring down their wardrobe?”

  7. “What image pops up for people when you mention the word eco-fashion?”

  8. “Was there anybody who kind of influenced you along your journey towards eco-fashion?”

  9. “What ethical questions do conscious customers need to be asking before they make their next purchase?”

Mentioned Resources

Quote Highlight

"We need to stop thinking about fashion as a disposable product." — Denby Royal

Who is Denby Royal?

Denby is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and stylist. She has a long history in the fashion industry from bespoke suiting to denim, modeling, education, and beyond. Her purpose is to bridge the holistic gap between nutrition and fashion to educate her clients and audience about the importance of how clothing affects the functionality and flow of the human body. From restrictive clothing hindering range of motion and the natural flow of the digestive, lymphatic and circulatory systems; to how toxic dyes and pesticides are absorbed into our bodies from the fabrics that are used. She is based in Victoria, BC, Canada.

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