James Kevin Broderick: Addiction, Trauma, and ReWilding

I can't believe it...

This is it.

The podcast is finally here.

First on today's list is to acknowledge the first three guests you'll hear after this episode: episodes 1, 2, and 3 with Peter, Frank, and Ben.

The three of them have been beyond patient with me as I struggle to navigate the technology and sheer amount of knowledge it takes to put something like this in motion.

To say it's been overwhelming is an understatement.

So guys... Thank you.


To begin Season 1 of Ancestral Health Radio with a bang, I've begun by telling my origin story.

It's a doozy, so don't say I didn't warn you.

I go deep and let you hear a side of me that not many people get to listen to outside of my close circle of friends.

In today's episode, you'll learn...

  • What life events led to my discovery of ancestral health,
  • Why mental health is such a priority to my well-being,
  • What a typical day of eating looks like, and...
  • Much, much more.

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Episode Breakdown

  • Introduction
  • Why it's sometimes hard to connect with other rewilders
  • The moment that radically altered James's life forever
  • Why James feels the need to live to a certain entrepreneurial standard
  • Why James felt out of place in school
  • How James became a young vigilante
  • What James's childhood looked like growing up in the '90's
  • How Ms. Pearl and James became best of friends
  • James shares what his first job was in high school
  • Why James struggles with impostor syndrome
  • James's former obsession with designer jeans
  • James's first experience with the prescription drug OxyContin
  • Enter: The deep, dark hole
  • What James thought would eventually happen if he continued to use
  • The multiple situations that ultimately caused James to hit rock bottom
  • James's shares how many of his aunts and uncles have died from health and drug related illness
  • James tells a story of Thanksgiving
  • James explains how trauma can catalyze you to action
  • James shares the consequences of his sentence
  • The book that led James down the path of self-development
  • What James wanted to do after being released from jail
  • Enter: Mother's Market & Kitchen
  • James shares his experience with natural supplements
  • What James learned from the art of pick-up during his time at Mother's
  • The first time James heard "The Caveman Diet"
  • James's failed attempts at small-scale entrepreneurial ventures
  • Why James felt the need to get strong and eat Paleo
  • The afterparty James went to in the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego
  • Insights from the YEP business plan competition
  • How James was introduced to online business and marketing
  • The people James credits for inspiring him to begin a business online
  • James's introspective thoughts on why he has so much self-doubt
  • Why James and his girlfriend moved to San Jose
  • Why you can't talk about ancestral health linearly 
  • The Rewilding practices James intends to spend a bulk of his time on in 2017
  • James talks about the significance of taking care of his mental health
  • James discusses his personal Rewilding strategies regarding diet


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James Broderick