Stefano Tripney: Movement Martial Arts, The Contextual Dojo, and the Power of Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Is the world your dojo?

It most certainly is for today's guest — contextual movement coach — Stefano Tripney.

If the two words contextual movement throw you a bit off, no worries. Stefano explains exactly what that is and how it can apply to you and your day-to-day. 

He also shares his early experiences with coaching and a bit of the history that led him to where he is today.

Stefano blends both the disciplines and philosophies of Martial Arts and the natural movement skills of MovNat.

I've taken an excerpt directly from the MovNat website, which reads: 

MovNat is a school school of physical competence for the real-world. Our goal is to equip people with the movement skills, physiological preparedness (strength & conditioning), and mindset necessary for practical, adaptable performance – both fundamental and high level. 

So in today's episode, expect to learn:

  • The proper progression dojos Stefano recommends to help avoid injury from exercise after years of sedentism, 
  • Why Stefano recommends we live furniture-free lifestyles,
  • And why we need to keep our mindsets "in beta",
  • And much, much more... 

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Episode Breakdown

  • Stefano shares his early beginnings in movement springing from his passion for watching kung-fu movies 
  • Where Stefano likes to spend his alone time
  • Stefano's kickstart into martial arts
  • Stefano's early experiences coaching martial arts
  • Why after 10 years of martial arts Stefano gave it all up to move to Italy
  • What Stefano says he trains for
  • The movement methodology that forever changed Stefano's coaching trajectory
  • Stefano breaks down MovNat
  • How Stefano addresses the many needs of his clients
  • A few questions Stefano likes to ask any new client
  • How becoming a "seminar junkie" affected Stefano's coaching
  • How Kelly Worden connected Stefano's training philosophies 
  • Why your intent with the environment that you're in can make all the difference in your movement practice
  • Why discipline and immersion is so important to dropping your ego
  • The broad spectrum of people that come to Stefano for training
  • How a 52-year-old was a more competent mover than 20-year-olds
  • How Stefano significantly motivated an autistic man's desire to move 
  • James's personal experience with movement coaching
  • How James injured his back at a movement workshop (2016) in San Francisco 
  • Stefano's three big movement dojos
  • Stefano defines what he calls Obstacle Optics
  • "Movement Martial Arts"
  • The critical piece or cornerstone to Stefano's training
  • Going furniture-free
  • The Princess Bride, iocane powder, and hormesis
  • What James wants to focus his efforts on in 2017
  • Why we should keep a mindset of "beta"
  • Stefano's experiences of moving from a small town to the big city and then... to Europe
  • Stefano's first bow-drill
  • Changing "elevation for vegetation"
  • Why Stefano likes being the new kid on the block
  • Skinny dipping in the Pacific Ocean

Questions I Ask 

  1. “Who are you and what is it that you do?"
  2. "Having that experience over there and having validation from other trainers, what did you exactly did you bring back with you to your training?"
  3. "What is the methodology of MovNat? Can you break that down for us?"
  4. "When you're starting out with a client, do you ever screen them first?"
  5. "From your mentor before MovNat, what piece of advice did he give you that just blew your mind up?"
  6. "What is being a more capable human to you, specifically, mean?"
  7. "Do you see there is a typical person or mindset coming into your style of training?"
  8. "How do we build this type of space or environment for ourselves in our homes?"

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Quote Highlight

"The world is my dojo. Stefano Tripney

Who is Stefano Tripney?

Contextual Movement Coach, Level 3 MovNat and Combatives Trainer, Martial Arts, Personal Protection & Awareness Educator

Stefano creatively bridges the inner workings of the mind and body with our collective external landscapes in order to explore, learn, experience, and play with the world and our place in it.

He is known for his bright energy and ability to inspire mindful execution, technical skill, physical competence and limitless creativity in his clients and classes.

Contact Stefano, Here:


Social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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