Jonathan Mead: How to Uncage a Human (Part Two)

Hey Tribe! Welcome back to part two of How to Uncage a Human with Jonathan Mead. 

I'm going to try and do a little something different with today's show...

At the end of today's show, I'm going to summarize the key points mentioned, give action steps, as well as a system to help you succeed.


I'm going to demand I hear back from you -- the tribe -- on your progress the following week.

I want this progress posted in one of two places:

  1. My email:, or...
  2. The official Ancestral Health Radio (AHR) Facebook page.

This is part two of How to Uncage a Human.

In today's episode, you'll learn...

  • The many pitfalls with over-specialization and perfectionism in your movement and lifestyle practice,
  • How both Jonathan and I are approaching our businesses and how this will affect you (the listener),
  • The many different views and philosophies shared by both Jonathan and myself, and...
  • Much, much more.

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Episode Breakdown

  • Jonathan and James outline what they see for themselves and for the future of both Uncaged Human and Ancestral Health Radio

  • The struggle of trying to find a middle ground between primitive and modern living

  • Jonathan asks the audience to ask themselves, "What is your biggest priority?"

  • Jonathan stresses the importance of setting goals and creating systems

  • Both Jonathan and James's morning and evening rituals

  • Why Jonathan practices something called "cloud gazing"

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Quote Highlight

"Meet rewilding where you are." — Jonathan Mead

Who is Jonathan Mead?

Jonathan Mead is an irreverent pioneer, champion for human wildness and professional instigator. He quit his job at age 23 after moonlighting on his own terms. Now in his early 30’s he’s passionate about helping domesticated humans reclaim their primal strength.

He believes that you can take the man out of nature, but you can’t take nature out of the man — and that no matter how many TPS reports we’re fed and fluorescent lighting we absorb, the wildness is always just underneath the surface.

He believes that unwavering community, undeniable bravery, and unapologetic wildness, can not only change, but heal the world.

His deepest mission is to instigate a worldwide movement of humans reconnecting with their true nature.

Contact Jonathan, Here:


Social media: Facebook and Instagram

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